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Do We Really Need Billionaires?

In March 2018,?Forbes?reported that it had identified 2,208 billionaires from 72 countries and territories.??Collectively, this group was worth $9.1 trillion, an increase in wealth of 18 percent since the preceding year.??Americans led the way with a record 585 billionaires, followed by mainland China which, ... Read more

Status Of Women In Cooperatives

Women and cooperation play a significant role in the Indian economy especially as no other country in the world has a co-operative movement as large and as diverse as India. Even prior to the current day cooperatives, the concept of cooperation & its activities prevailed in several parts of India known ... Read more

The Fund For Needy Millionaires

Many people imagine the state as a kind of referee — a transcendent mediator enforcing theoretically neutral rules, arbitrating as fairly as possible between different interest groups in society. This faith in the state’s basic neutrality leads even people who care about inequality to miss the big picture, which ... Read more

Tale Of Two Depressions

Mainstream economists continue to discuss the two great crises of capitalism during the past century just like the pillars of society performed in the brothel—a “house of infinite mirrors and theaters”—in Jean Genet’s?The Balcony.* The order they represent is indeed threatened by an uprising in the streets, and the only ... Read more