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Cuba: Socialism, Cooperatives, and Building a Solidarity Economy

June 19 to July 2, 2016

Cuba?is poised to be the first country with cooperatives as a major part of its economy.??This is an exciting prospect for all of us who support workplace democracy.??To observe this bold initiative first hand, join us next June for a two week investigation of Cuban cooperatives.??Talk with co-op members and researchers.??Watch community wealth grow in?Cuba’s new solidarity economy.??Share your own experience with Cuban counterparts.??Explore how we can act in solidarity with this historical development.

The Center for Global Justice, host of many Cuban tours, invites you and your friends to join us for a?June 19 to July 2, 2016?visit toCuba.??Circulate the attached Call to your email lists and Facebook friends.??Post it on your website.??Help us get the word around.??For more information, contact Cliff DuRand at?global.justice.cliff@gmail.com


Visit this vibrant, changing society with the Center for Global Justice.??Learn how it is changing from a state directed system to one open to private and collective actors.??Find out about the impact of an evolving relation to the?US?on Cuban society. See how ordinary people are adjusting their lives to new possibilities.??Experience a society in motion.

The first week of this trip will give you an overview of Cuban society and the changes underway, with a focus on the new cooperatives developing.??The second week will feature an exchange with leading Cuban thinkers discussing the reinvention of socialism and the opportunities for expanded exchanges between the people of the US and Cuba.??You are invited to present a short paper for this dialog.

In organizing this trip the Center for Global Justice draws on 25 years of experience with educational travel to Cuba, drawing on a wealth of Cubans and their institutions to design a unique program that will open up a new world to you.

It is estimated that this 14 day trip will cost $2,000 plus airfare (currently $450 from Miami), including shared hotel room, breakfasts, translation, guide, and the program of activities.??This estimate is subject to change in light of the fluctuating hotel costs due to increased travel to?Cuba?from the?US.??We expect to have firm costs by late March.??Deadline for applications is?April 1, 2016.??Apply early to assure your space on this trip.??Your $200 deposit will be refunded if you have to cancel before?May 1.

For further information email?cuba@globaljusticecenter.org

Endorsers:??Al Campbell; Cliff DuRand;?Jessica Gordon Nembhard; Len Krimerman; Michael A. Lebowitz, Bob Stone; Harry Targ; Victor Wallis.

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